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What is emo style |

What is emo style

What is emo style

The Emo scene is increasing in popularity as we get deeper into 2008. Based originally around punk and rock it has now become much more “emotional” in its context, and there is the origin of the Emo scene name.

Music is of course important to the Emo scene but it is much more than just a like of certain types of music and is a whole lifestyle. Dress is now vital to the whole look and goes beyond even the clothes that are worn of the haircut that is sported. Getting into the Emo scene is nothing to be worried about, and although many people are sensitive they are not suicidal as is the typical stereotype portrayed by the media.

What is emo style

What is emo style

What is emo style

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95 Responses to “What is emo style”

  1. Maddie Says:

    i Love Emo Boys!!!!!!!!!! they are soooooo HOT and when they make out with other hot emo boyzz!!

  2. janis Says:

    will u go out wiv me

  3. justine Says:

    just curious…does slitting your wrists make you an emo?

  4. Egor Says:

    Hi there, been surfing the net for emo hair syles and found your blog reg emo style | You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark it and come back.

  5. gigi Says:

    wow thts really true. ppl always stereotype emos. just cuz we look this way doesnt mean we r gonna go sit in a dark corner and slit our wrists. i mean seriously, i luv the tight clothes and the awesome hair not 2 mention i luv all the great bands and music. espc. my favorite PARAMORE tht is the shit.

  6. mitchell Says:

    hey i need a new hairstyle and im not to sure what to use as my next……
    if anyone could help out at all i would love you forever……
    my e-mail is so get a hold of me if you can

  7. true_emo Says:

    Love the style tips but emo is all wrong here. Being emo isn’t slitting your wrists or what you listen to or wear. Its the feeling of deep sadness and a lot of emotion. Its often dealt with by inflicting pain on ones self, and expressed through listening to music and dressing a certain way, but emo is not what u look like, listen to, or cutting. If u think it is then u have fallen into the common misconception. Emo in modern times is only the music, stlye and cutting and not the actual emotion behind it. Todays emo is fake.

  8. Megan Says:

    i like emo’s but and i have nothing agianst them but i dont see the point in slitting your wrist and being always depressed….:s

  9. Sow' Says:

    Hé je suis française et en France le style emo est partout sa devient soulant parce que sa perd son originalité et on croise souvent de faux emo qui n’ont jamais écouté une miette de emo core –’

    Traduction (surely wrong :s)

    Hey I am French and France style emo is everywhere becomes its irritating because its loses its originality and it often crosses false emo who never listened to a crumb of emo core –’

  10. halla Says:

    i love that :] so fucking awesome, i’ve been thinking about getting emo style hair like blonde with long layers or black, i just love emo hair and emo guys
    add me ; or add me :]]<3

  11. gab Says:

    ok ya

  12. gab Says:

    why do you do that I dont know someone that does that so why why do you do that ? tell us are you emotional or what?

  13. emo lover Says:

    i love emo guys and girl! so hot! i’ve been feeling really emotional lately, might start dressing emo =]

  14. livi lust Says:

    well I do consider myself emo, and this “style” you say. is not always correct. there isnt always skinny jeans or long black hair. there is also blonde and possibly hot pink, like mine. I am a girl and i have short hair. And regarding the comment left by “gigi” PARAMORE is not emo. emo’s are stereotyped and its annoying. im not judging anyone, all im saying is that these people do NOT know their shit.

    -livi louise railtonn

  15. livi lust Says:

    also true_emo is correct. emos do always slit their wrists its really annoying when people think they do. if you do cut yourself, then you have a problem or somthing known as (SI) or (SM). which is self injury or self mutilation. you may want to talk to someone about that. emo isnt “real” anymore, people say its not just a style its a way of life but that quote is wrong. if you disagree with me, tell me and im 100% sure i can prove you wrong.

    -livi louise railtonn

  16. Angel Says:

    Omg im like in love with half of these boys on here. im so ah-amazed about there hair cuts. My hair is blue and choppy.

  17. justin Says:

    hey you emo boys and peeps are totally hot.especially the boys.umm the girls dont look fantastic.but i can live with it.but boys….keep the hottness up! =)

  18. justin Says:

    thi is what my wrist look like /\|/|//|/umm at least sorda look like that.also i have rop burn from trying to hang hair is black with red strands.i have blue skin is umm french.

  19. fiona Says:

    we don’t just sit in our own little corner with a
    knife on our wrists! we have friends, we have lives, but its not our fault if our lives are not happy. and we don’t always wear…
    yes, usually people that are considered emo, do tend u look depresed alot and wear dark colors. but, that’s not completely and necessarily the case. if you think so, that’s sad.

  20. fiona Says:

    btw, true_emo is so true.. and its annoying that people think that’s all we do. just wanted to add that in

  21. Ashley Says:

    i love this style of clothing. there’s this haircut that i’ve been dying to get. like, my hair is naturally black, so, i guess i’m lucky. I LOVE EMO! up with you guys!

  22. jay Says:

    hey i love emos lol <3

  23. stephy Says:

    So….yea emo people are the more sensative people then others…they are no always upset but they are like a normal person but with tight clothes and dark clothes…what is the matter with that…and yea seeing two guys make out its is two girls..Emo’s rule as o do I….

  24. tbus88 Says:

    i love emo cause i like it the style

    I LOVE EMO!!!!!!

  25. EMOTIONAL Says:


  26. Carson Spencer Says:

    The people that think emo is ‘fake’ may be right on THEIR veiws. I’memo and yes i cut my wrists. Anyone wanna ask me any questions add me:
    So yea. Any hott guys or girls wanna talk add me as well.
    {I AM A GIRL!!!!}

  27. sofia Says:

    gostav de ser emo mas aminha mãe não tem possebilidades para me comprar tudo o que preciso mas na mesma vou fazer de tudo para ser

  28. XxEmo girlxX Says:

    I love emo boys and girls thier so HOTT !

  29. MartinELECTRO Says:

    Hayy. urrrm im not realy into all this stereotyping i mean apparently im emo but i just follow my own style/trend but to be fair there are a lot of sheep around. BE ORIGINAL

    Feel free to add me

    Peace Out

  30. Casper Says:

    Do u use waks to set your hair ? :P

  31. Helen Says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself emo… my friends joke about it sometimes, but that’s as far as it goes, really. I dress in a lot of black, wear heavy eyeliner and listen to all the right music, but still. I hate that I’m constantly stereotyped, and that this chick keeps making me show her my wrists every single morning since I started wearing eyeliner, to make sure I haven’t cut myself. That kind of ignorance just pisses me off. Now, I don’t know about “true emo” being completely dead or whatever, but it all depends on what you class as emo, ’cause all the emo kids are pretty much scene now, and cutting isn’t a part of emo at all. I get severely depressed at times, and when people who don’t know me that well notice, they’ll tell me to go “sit in a corner and slash my wrists” but it’s those times when I just appreciate my friends more than ever. I think everyone has had one time in their life, whether it lasted a minute to five years, when they just hated everyone and everything. This tends to be how emos come across (and people, don’t deny it). So some emos come off as bitter and resentful, leave us be, and we’ll leave you be. Overall, get over it. Life is short. Live it while you still have it. (Also, our hair rocks…. just thought I’d put that out there, even though it’s completely not the point.)

  32. Scemo Says:

    Slitting your wrist are For FUCKING posers……

  33. ashley Says:

    haalla u r so rong . emo is the best thing im emo by the way some pics of those r hot

  34. dadou* Says:

    will i love emo style a loooooooooot nd im thinking 2be an emo style but my prnts will never let me cz i live with them nd like that but i alwayz hair emo mscz nd like that nd all the emo picz i ve it
    will thats all<3 :(

  35. MartinELECTRO Says:

    emo style is pretty rad i mean im emoishh i mean i have emo hair and wear skinny jeans and that but i dont think of myself as an emo coz i wear what i like and listen to what i like but im gettin into tha nu rave scene now wiv Hadouken n that im goin 2 c them in july ^^ SCORE!

    stay bless to all the induvidualss

  36. Shann AKA:Skremo Says:


  37. coffinCORPSE Says:

    All these emos in the pictures are fit… except for the one with pink hair. Who is very pretty but just isn’t my type.
    Incase you haven’t guessed, I’m an emo… boy.

    Love to all my fellow emos out there <3

  38. slim Says:

    your all fucking lame as shit

    stop arguing about it and do what you want
    wear what you want, listen to what you want,

    the view and different perspectives of different cliques is never going to change.

    face it.

  39. EMOtionalLexie Says:

    I love the idea of being emo, but in my world emo is just a shorter version for emotional. That’s what it has always been from the beginning. Also, emo hairstyles involve covering an eye or bringing your hair over your face. That means you are so sad or heartbroken, you are covering your face from the tears that have been shed. And the wearing of black clothes means that you are so sad or heartbroken like you would be at a funeral or death in general. So I believe that emo isn’t a fashion statement. But emo is a lifestyle…which means that everyone can’t be emo if they are happy jolly people because it just isn’t normal to be emo without sad or heartbroken emotions. If you want to mention something to me about EMO or anything else you want to find the true answer to then email me at! By the way…I have been emo for over 7 years and I know everything about being emo.

  40. Asleep Or DEAD?? Says:

    I love the whole emo style, music and hair, but I was wondering what kinda clothes emos wear? I am in an emo band and would like to actually look like an emo, not just some idiotic teenage girl whos wearing crap fancy dress (which is what I usually look like!). Any tips would be great, thanks x

  41. XXtearsofbloodXX Says:

    stupid fked up emo wanna be’s…….

  42. VARU Says:

    ola me llamo varuni y ace 5 años q soy emo de corason beno 1 beso atodos los emo de todo el mundo xaooo

  43. lovexmo Says:

    HEY!!! I was very depressed… but you know what happened??? I FIND THE REASON OF MY LIFE!!!! I FIND THE TRUE LOVE!!! NO HUMAN LOVE!!! I FORGIVE EVERYONE THAT HEART ME AND I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I AM HAPPPPYYYYYY AND I ENJOY MY LIFE!!!!! hope that you someday find what I found!!! If I could you can!!!

  44. emo style Says:

    […] everywhere becomes its …. emo style is pretty rad i mean im emoishh i mean i have emo hair and … the Heck *is* Emo Anyway?Intended to be a basic FAQ and primer on emotionally-charged punk rock […]

  45. Miranda Says:

    i kissed a girl and i liked it, it taste like cherrychapstick.

  46. Veronik a Says:

    i love emo style …
    they have so many style an so =)
    i love them xD

  47. lolly266 Says:

    emos sind scheizze

  48. Mary Says:

    Emo’s Rule and Preps suck, Is it that hard to say?
    I mean I think the stupid Abercrombie and hollister wearing preps sorta make the emos, well not antimated but they might make them sort of twist the style to emo? I mean there are the Premos, which im not saying there stupid but its kinda just being all prep right? Ive had this one really bad situation where I was “friends” with all the preps in my school then they ditched me because I was listening to emo music, wearing the style, having the hair, and talking to other people that wernt there friends, but I finally told my self ” Screw it!! I can be who I want and have friends that actiually care for who I am. ” haha dont be afraid to be your self! Rock on People!

  49. MARCO Says:

    wow stan locazoz pero pde pner mas stiloz e imagenz.

  50. vicki Says:

    omg the kid at top is soo hott. im getting my hurr cut tomorrow and youve inspired me.

  51. Egor Says:

    Hey! been surfing the net for hot new short hair styles and found your blog reg emo style | You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.

  52. emotastic Says:

    Emo is not about cutting your wrist, those are posers. Emo is really about emotions. Emo comes from emotion. Even those people are like emos are really depress, their not always. Emos can be happy and sad at times, there like regular people but their pain hurts more than it should for others. And the emo style and music just expresses their emotions. Many people mistake the concept of emo. They don’t cut except some, some emos cut but they don’t tell anyone, cutting for the pain to go away, sounds weird but yes. It depends how you look at it. Are you emo because you want to fit in or because of your true feelings?

  53. bloody_lovely Says:

    Oh wow the world is full of posers…..Sorry but you can’t be all happy and wake up one day saying “Woww im so happy but i feel like dressing like this because i have nothing better to do with my life.” Emo= emotional, depressed, troubled, terrible confusion, pain, feeling so lost and alone. The reason that people cut them selfs, (at least me for that matter) is that i would much rather inflict pain on myself than other people inflict pain on me. I would rather do the damage to myself. Plus you are litterly bleeding out everything that you have inside you that you cant get rid of or express any other way. So don’t dress like us or act like us because it looks fun and “cool”. Be your own damn person.

  54. RU Says:

    HI, my name is RU. I think EMO’s are so cool and the didnt cry only :) GO GO EMO !

  55. Kerstin Says:

    i have a girlfriend who cuts… but she is NOT a poser… she cuts because she says its the only pain she can control… shes been hurt alot…

  56. Julz Says:

    First off, I LOVE emo. Most of my friends are uber emos and the ones that aren’t emo just like black…a lot. I guess I’m kinda emo myself but I don’t dress it. I’m still kinda in the transition stage. I wan’t to be emo but I don’t want to just look like a poser. I kinda feel bad tho cuz i still got a lot of scars on my arms from before I was even remotely emo and i hate that if i dressed emo too, then it would only worsen the stupid stereotype. I also get that emo isn’t just appearances, i’m not a happy person to start off, and i’ve been through a lot of emotional crap lately. And my favorite bands are salt the wound and the devil wears prada (I <3 them =]) so I’m not just some random kid who thinks emo looks cool (although it is pretty hot) My hair is natural light blonde to my shoulders and i have bangs over one eye but I want to make it look more emo. Also I want to start dressing more emo, but i don’t want to look like a poser. So any suggestions? I figure my best advice ought to come from true emos.
    you can email me at thanx guys.

  57. bloody_lovely Says:

    i think that there is major confusion between punk, emo, and scene

  58. Girl Says:

    I think all this is stupid.
    There are much bigger problems in the world than this. Although I hate that people stereotype me like this. Like Gerard Way says ‘Emo when I was a kid is different to how emo is now.’ Stereotypes change over time and I don’t really care what people call me. Another thing, and this really pisses me off, emo has become just another word for weird. I draw up my arms all the time, and this chav - which is like a prep to all you americans - asked me why i did it. Acording to her, its because I’m emo. How dumb is that? I mean, drawing on yourself doesn’t make me emotional. Since I self harm [sad, but true] I kinda live up to the stereotype. But that doesn’t mean I like being depressed. It’s not like I think about death all the time either. I just have serious issues! =]

    Personally, I reckon you should do what you like.
    Listen to what you like.
    Wear what you like.
    Be who you are, and never give in to pressure from other fucking idiots who don’t understand.
    Sorry for the long comment. You kinda hit a nerve.

    Peace. <3

  59. barbara Says:

    hi friends emo
    bye bye

  60. kikiza Says:

    T’say I Love all Picture Here !

    The Seconde One Is So Cute ^^

  61. megan Says:

    emo are the shit i love them all

  62. NaDiNe Says:

    Hey everybody
    I gotta say, everybody talks about emo being a style, and not to be standoffish or anything, but if you’re emo and told a prep you were going to transition to their style they would be offended because they say being a prep is a lifestyle that involves you socially connecting with all the people etc… and so when emo people get offended, i think we have a right to, because people just care about the image, not about things we have been through, or music, or how emos care about each other. Mainly, Emo is a genere of music derived from the 20’s-30’s. But people don’t notice because they are too busy trying to be the center of attention. Anyways, that’s just my input…

  63. CeeJay Says:

    Im answering the question from Justine. No, cutting your wrists does not make you an emo. That makes u a Cutter.
    I love the emo styles. I personally have it. But i think alot of people, including the media are confused bout Emo, Scene, and all that.

  64. Emo_Truth Says:

    Love the style tips but emo is all wrong here. Being emo isn’t slitting your wrists or what you listen to or wear. Its the feeling of deep sadness and a lot of emotion. Its often dealt with by inflicting pain on ones self, and expressed through listening to music and dressing a certain way, but emo is not what u look like, listen to, or cutting. If u think it is then u have fallen into the common misconception. Emo in modern times is only the music, stlye and cutting and not the actual emotion behind it. Todays emo is fake.

  65. amal Says:

    ajoutè moi ou bien

  66. amal Says: ou bien

  67. amal Says: ou bien

  68. Emily aka Dr. Emmo Says:

    People always say i’m emo. I’m not, i just hate myself. Sort of. I was emo as a joke. Now people have said it so much that i have cut myself a couple times. they weren’t bad, but they bled and i was mad if they didn’t. I intend to keep doing it. I just think emo people are so cool and i wanna be one. Yeah i’m a poser. I’m serious though. I need help.Write me. Please?

  69. Cydney Says:

    Hi guys. When people say: ‘ I’m emo’ some people think it makes them look like posers but i think they should be allowed to say that. Chavs call them self chavs so why not emos call them self emo?? By the way i am kinda emo but i love scene style!! Lol . If you want to reply or just add me: Thanks <3 Q. ASL? 12 female Warwick shire.

  70. Emmeh Says:

    well ya know i dont really care about the whole scadal about it being taken away or anything. . emo is emo. . and has subgenres and stuff lol
    just be glad you got there first really XD

    this is just my feelings though XD
    peace peeps

  71. alix Says:

    heyyah okaiie i sound so sstupid i feel like an emo inside but my problem is i dont no how so be one like the dress scence n the hair n tthings like tht can yhuu please her me if yhuu can ma e-mail is :

  72. Bethany Says:

    im only 10 nd i have just become an emo but my mum ma dad nd ma sis dont know!

    wat do i do?
    plz help someone


  73. Egor Says:

    Hello I was browsing Internet searching for german short hair dogs and your blog regarding emo style | came my way. Very interesting! You really do know your thing! I\’m gonna bookmark you and come back in a few to see your new posting! Looking forward to! Cheers!

  74. marita Says:

    omfg i love this website i was searching for haircuts cause im havingmy hair cut and this was gr8 ty x

  75. Jonah Says:

    omfg! why does everyone stereotype emo’s cos we look gd? yes maybe we do look different from u, but thats a gd thing, cos who wud want to blend in with the crowd?! i luv emo moosik, clothes and am CURRENTLY in a emo relationship. i find it funny when someone (noramlly a fukin chav) trys to insult me/my friends with a question lyk “ARE YOU AN EMO?!” then we say yes and we’re proud to be one. but most of the time if someone see’s a little scratch on our hands (which was prbly from fallin over or somat normal) they will think we’ve been slittin our wrists, but just cos ur an emo dont mean u slit ur wrists, yh some emo’s prbly do, but that’s their problem and we’ll prbly help them not to. *MartinELECTRO* is so rite! there are alot of sheep around and if ur gna insult the way we dress, look at the fukin chavs! tuckin their tracky’s into their white socks! omfg! i can’t help myself from lafin at them. yh so maybe i am stereotypin chavs a bit, but COME ON! they’re the reason that britain is looked down upon! if u wna “BECOME” an emo (if u put it lyk dat) and ur prnts wont let u or w/e, then ignore them, no-one can stop u from wat u wna do if ur dedicated enuf. so yh i hav emo hair, clothes and hav all possible slipknot, cos they’re shit-kickin awesome!

  76. mandy Says:

    i lovee emo soo much ( i am one) theey are soo cute

  77. NaDiNe Says:

    What’s up with everybody calling everyone else a wanabee emo or a poser if you say ” Oh I’m emo” ?

  78. Cierra Phillips Says:


    My name is Ciera,

    And i love Emo Boy’s theyy. Are the shit. And i Have an emo haircut, I love it. Im Gettin Purple highlites That will be the shit,


    Love alway’s


    Add me on yahoo or myspace
    And yahoo.


    peace everyone buhbye!?

  79. Cl@RI$sA Says:

    ok i find this really offensive emo’s dont come in one color they dont ALWAYZ wear black and white and NO!!! all emo’s aren’t bisexual and if they were what is da problem. I consider myself emo, and no i DON’T slit my wrists. AND for people out there u cant turn into a emo, emo is a personality so yah.and emo’s dont all look the same(clones) there are different types of emo’s .and YESSSS!! there is a BIG ASSSSSS difference between EMO and SCENE kids but i wouldnt expect you people to know that though because ur posers.and i have to say these people dont even know wat EMO is they r juz tryin to be sumtin they anywho disagrees or agrees feel free to contact

  80. Delfina Says:

    I absolutely despise posers. But I am into the music, and I love emo guys. So HOT!

  81. Jolene Says:

    Hey guy’’s you know all about emo’s right? then you should see what is going on the news online they say some girl at the aged of 13 killed her self while listen to the band Girl, 13, hangs herself after becoming obsessed with Emo ’suicide cult’ rock band

    A girl of 13 killed herself after becoming obsessed with a fashion which links death with glamour, an inquest heard.

    Hannah Bond hanged herself from her bunk bed with a tie after becoming an “Emo”.

    Emo fans wear dark clothes, practise self-harm and listen to “suicide cult” rock bands.

    “The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die.” it’s fucking stupid as fuck who would do that while they where listening to one of MCR! band’s even though they are one of the best emo band’s ever made but i would not kill my self then again i may say i wanna die and shit but not really do it i’m really emo and such but i wont kill my self so ya look up that girl the age of 13 or just put in on google, ””suicide cult” and read of what the girl has down my her picture, k if you want to know more add me on msn, and i will be really emo to you haah, just add me on msn i’m online right now anyon e can add me see ya. xoxo

  82. kah Says:

    Oiii galera tudo bem com vcs ???

    nossa cara muito loko esse sait amei
    puta varias coizas interesantes para navegar

    how galera add la no msn :

    Bzo *-* pra todos vocês

  83. mhm. Says:

    well, emo is just a style now. though emo is short for emotional, thats a word, not how someone dressed, so why is everyone saying emo dresses this way emo is pathetic, this and that. emo is what you see it as. its someones emotions. emotional people dont dress one way, and cutting yourself doesnt make you emo. preps can be emotional, see my pioint. so emo, now, in this culture, is just a style. you dont have to dress a certain way to be emo. you can be emo the way you are. emos arnt always depressed either, no one can be depressed that much, well they can haha, but they also experience change in emotion, hense–emotional, thats not refering to sadness and depression, it includes all emotion, so why is everyone saying emo is depressed kids… so not true…

  84. emo_girl 16 Says:

    i love emo boys and girls!

  85. Megan Henderson Says:

    HelloEvery other blog I have read about She Had Red Hair And Blue Eyes Lyrics, has been lacking in information. Your insight into She Had Red Hair And Blue Eyes Lyrics is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Megan.

  86. leonora Says:

    i love emos they are beautyfuls and they are crazy i like this . ^oo^

  87. mimi Says:

    the emo just styel,,,SCENE kids but i wouldnt expect you people to know that though because ur posers.

  88. alyss. Says:

    i think being emo is awesome, an i love it. i try not to slit my wrists as much as i used to, b/c my friends becom concerned, but i dont care. although i think that if i tried to be happy it wouldnt work b/c i have had such a rough and sad upbringing, my mom is dead, and my father on his way, i just need a friend somtimes, an when i can’t talk 2 them, i slit b/c it makes me focus on the pain, and not notice what ever has happened/ is happening .

  89. pauilne Says:

    hi, im 14, and im a real bright happy student.. apparently, but i hate my self so much i think im hell ugly, inside i just wanna slit or something, but my parents are waay to strict and proper, they hate it when i paint my nails black, i dunno what to do, im sick of trying 2 b some1 im not, but if i tell my parents, they will try 2 send me to a psychologist or something. my best friend is kinda emoish, but she dnt slit. and i cant talk 2 her caus she will try 2 talk me out of being what i really wanna b, and she dnt think that i can b it, and its soo annoying, caus i cant tell anyone. i told her once and she told the school nurse :@ i was so embarrassed i didnt talk 2 her 4 weeks. what can i do? please help me if you can. my msn is :

  90. Beth Says:

    I hate it when people stereotype emos, it really annoys me how ppl always think i slit my wrists, i love bein emo tho, everything bout it is so amazing- the clothes the music (m.c.r, slipknot) and emo boyz- they’re so fit. I wud never change who i am tho bcuz its the best thing in my life.

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  94. Mimo Says:

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